Suzanne JonesSuzanne Jones has headed Oahu’s recycling efforts since its inception in 1989.  Recovery rates as well the public’s awareness of recycling and waste-related issues have increased dramatically under her guidance.  She has developed numerous innovative educational programs, including the new Green Channel on Oceanic Cable, and the annual Tour de Trash and Discover Recycling Fairs. She is among key proponents of Hawaii’s beverage deposit program, HI-5, and is currently engaged in the rollout of the new curbside recycling program.

All of Honolulu’s recycling programs and initiatives, including legislative policy, regulatory policy, collection system and program design, and public education have been advanced by Jones’ department. With more than 25 years experience in recycling, she can talk trash with the best of them.

Michael O'KeefeMichael O’Keefe joined the City’s Recycling Branch in July 2008. He is a University of Hawaii alumnus with  a Master of Public Administration and concentration in Government Budgeting.  As a Recycling Specialist those skills are being fully employed in budget development, data tracking and contracts administration for the overall recycling programs.  –

Irobela H Wreagh has worked with the City and County of Honolulu Recycling Branch since 1992. She has been involved in many programs and projects throughout her recycling career, with particular focus on recycling in hotels and restaurants, and providing assistance to multi-family residential buildings in setting up recycling programs.  –


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