Posted by: opala808 | November 26, 2019

Reduce Thanksgiving Food Waste

On O’ahu, 15% of residential rubbish is wasted food. This equates to about 46,000 tons of food thrown out by households! Consider taking a few simple steps to stop feeding the garbage. You’ll reduce your environmental footprint and save money!

Oahu residents fact

Check out our Food Waste Prevention Page for useful links, food waste facts and helpful mobile apps. Also on this webpage is the electronic version of our booklet “Food: Too Good To Waste“. This comprehensive booklet is tailored to O’ahu residents, and includes storage and preparation tips, recipes to re-vamp leftovers (including recipes by local chefs), donation options, organizational tools, and a printable shopping planner.


About 204 million pounds of turkey meat gets tossed this time of year. Try out this Thanksgiving Dinner Portion Planner to decrease your chances of ending up with excessive leftovers.

There are some food wastes that we just can’t eat. For inedible food scraps like egg shells or citrus peels, composting is a great option that reduces the volume of our waste stream and puts nutrients back into the soil. For a UH flyer on backyard composting, click here.


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