Posted by: opala808 | September 17, 2019

Backyard Composting Workshop: September 21, 2019 at Halawa Xeriscape Garden

Learn the basics of backyard composting using resources from your yard and leftover food from your table! The City Department of Environmental Services has partnered with the Board of Water Supply and Friends of Halawa Xeriscape Garden for this beginner’s composting workshop.  Participants will learn tips on how to set up their own backyard composting system and utilize the finished compost.  Composting decreases the overall volume of our waste stream; much of which is yard and food waste.  Compost also enriches soil without the use of chemical fertilizers, reduces plant disease and pests, and retains moisture in your soil for a healthy lawn or garden.  Why throw away yard and food waste when you can learn to compost?  Registration required: call 748-5315 or email  Registration closes 2pm September 20, or when all spaces are filled.  Click here for details.Compost Pictures 002

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