Posted by: opala808 | December 26, 2018

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle for a Green Holiday Season

The holiday season in Hawaii Xmas Truck Transparentmeans food, gifts and celebrations with family and friends.  For most residents, this means a greater volume of recyclables to sort and trash to dispose of.  Follow these tips to reduce, reuse and recycle in order to minimize the amount of waste this year.
  • Eat all your leftovers or cook them into new dishes. Check out our Food Waste Reduction Guide for recipes, tips and tools for using up what’s left.
  • Donate quality edibles to Aloha Harvest or Hawaii Food Bankto help those in need.
  • Bring reusable containers to take home leftovers instead of using disposable ones.
  • Wrap gifts with reusable or recyclable material-like cloth, newspaper or paper bags.
  • Bring your own reusable Bags when doing holiday and grocery shopping.
  • Send e-cards instead of snail mail.  They’re cheaper, faster and reduce waste!
  • Recycle the corrugated cardboard from your boxed gifts.
  • Collect and recycle beverage containers from your parties and get some cash back for a special gift for yourself.
  • After the season ends, recycle your Christmas trees in your green cart or at a City Convenience Center.  Remove all tinsel and decorations and cut the tree to fit in the cart.
**Remember: No trash or recycling collection and all City drop-off facilities will be closed on Christmas Day, December 25 or on New Year’s Day, January 1.  Visit the the Holiday Trash Tips page for schedule information and other holiday collection rules.

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