Posted by: opala808 | June 28, 2018

Shopping Bag Fee Begins July 1

Bag Graphic 15centsSoon, it’ll become even more important to remember to Bring Your Own (reusable) Bags because you’ll be able to save some money at the checkout counter.  Beginning July 1, 2018, retail stores across Oahu are required to charge a minimum of 15 cents per bag they provide to customers to transport merchandise.  This amendment to the Plastic Bag Ban was signed into law by Mayor Caldwell in July 2017.

For the next year and a half, the types of acceptable bags – Compostable Plastic, Recyclable Paper or Reusable – will remain the same, as will the list of “exempted” uses.  However, come January 1, 2020, plastic film bags thinner than 10 mils and compostable plastic bags will no longer be acceptable.   Ultimately, the goal is to motivate customers to use their own reusable bags when they shop, which should reduce the amount of bags in our waste stream and the potential for them to become littered into the environment.  More information at

Pick up a “Bring Your Own Bag!” sticker as a reminder to pack your reusable shopping bags when heading to the store.  Stickers are available at Foodland and Times stores, Yamashiro’s Building Supply (Ace Hardware) Kaneohe, and coming soon to Don Quijote and Marukai.

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