Posted by: opala808 | May 3, 2018

Join us in May for Tour de Trash: Construction & Demolition Recycling

Seats are still available for the May 17 Tour de Trash: Construction and Demolition Recycling.  Sign up now to see first-hand how companies give C&D material a second life by transforming it into new, usable forms. The tour and transportation are completely FREE. We will begin and end at Kapolei Hale. Call 768-3200 to sign up.

At PVT Landfill, the majority of incoming C&D waste is separated and processed for reuse or recycling. Up to 900 tons of debris is processed each day to become feed stock to produce natural gas.  The natural gas can then be used as fuel to generate electricity.


Learn how Island Demo deconstructs buildings, recycles the metals, and cleans and grinds concrete to be used as aggregate. Their specialized techniques allow them to salvage as much as possible from demolition sites in order to recycle and reuse the material and keep waste out of our landfill.  West Oahu Aggregate takes debris and recycles them into a variety of material for different uses. Dirt is turned into quality top soil, rocks are crushed and made suitable for wall building and concrete and asphalt are used for aggregate. They also produce and deliver their own recycled, ready mix concrete.


Upcoming tours also include Green Business on June 13, Wastewater Treatment on July 26 and Recyclers and Waste Processors on September 15. Call 768-3200 to sign up or visit for more information on the full 2018 schedule.

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