Posted by: opala808 | December 8, 2017

2017 Waste Characterization Study

In August, the City’s Department of Environmental Services, Refuse Division, completed the “field work” portion of a project to assess Oahu’s entire municipal solid waste stream – all 1.2+ million tons!  During this project, more than one hundred 200-pound samples of waste were taken at City disposal sites and sorted into more than different material categories.  The goal of the study was to figure out just how much of different types of waste – plastics, paper, glass, green waste, metals and food waste – we throw away.  The results will be compared with the 2006 waste characterization study and will aid the City in the development of its 2018 Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan (ISWMP), which is currently underway.  The ISWMP will help us assess progress toward reaching our waste management and landfill diversion goals, as well as help to chart a course for future programs.  All technical studies and reports are posted online at in the Technical Studies/Reports section.


  1. The Waste Characterization study will be available as part of the Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan which is currently being worked on and will be released before the end of 2018. At that point we will also post it on

  2. Do you know when the study document will be available for review? i.e. the 2017 Waste Characterization Study for C & C Honolulu.

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