Posted by: opala808 | May 17, 2017

10th Annual Mauka to Makai Environmental Expo

Along with a record 4,000 participants, the City’s Recycling Branch had a great time celebrating Earth Day 2017 at the 10th annual Mauka to Makai Environmental Expo at the Waikiki Aquarium. Hosted by the City’s Stormwater Quality Branch, the fun-filled Expo included on-stage entertainment from multicultural performance artists and dancers, a Mullet fish  release and a native plant giveaway.  Government groups, environmental organizations, businesses and non-profits hosted booths with a variety of interactive educational displays.  At the Recycling booth, attendees spun the Wheel of Recycling and answered blue cart trivia questions to earn recycled pens or pencils. They also took home the ‘Where do things go?’ and Opala IQ recycling activity books, educational brochures and stickers.  Download your own copies of our activity books and informational materials at in the Media Library.  We hope to see you at next year’s Mauka to Makai Environmental Expo!

Mauka 1


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