Posted by: opala808 | March 1, 2017

H-POWER Converts Old Phonebooks to Electricity

Outdated phonebooks should be disposed in the gray cart or with regular refuse.  A phonebook’s binding and its composition of low-grade, low-value paper limits its recyclability.  But fear not, all of those old phonebooks are being put to good use at H-POWER, where, along with the rest of Oahu’s refuse, they will be converted into electricity.  In fact, one phonebook from every Oahu residence and business at H-POWER can power about 600 homes for a whole month!

Recycling and waste-to-energy are side-by-side, complimentary programs that help ensure that our rubbish is never wasted and never ends up in landfills.  The City targets higher quality materials that have sustainable markets in Hawaii for recycling and sends the lower grade material to waste-to-energy.  Of the roughly 1.2 million tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) generated on Oahu every year, about 60% is processed locally at H-POWER where it is converted into electricity while most of the rest is recycled into new products.

For more information on proper phonebook disposal, check out the Hawaiian Telcom infographic.  Also, visit for all your recycling and disposal information.  Reduce your waste through phonebook opt-out and electronic options by visiting the Reduce and Reuse page.­­


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