Posted by: opala808 | November 21, 2016

Recycling Education Stage Shows

The City’s Educational Partnership with the Honolulu Theatre for Youth Continues.

A Plantation Celebration November 25-December 17, 2016 at the Tenney Theatre

Sort It Out February, 2017 traveling show.

The City’s Department of Environmental Services and the Honolulu Theatre for Youth are partnering for a sixth consecutive year to educate Oahu’s youth on the importance of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. HTY’s theatre performances and school touring Sort It Out performance workshops are seen by a whopping 20,000 students, families and teachers annually.

A Plantation Celebration November 25-December 17

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Take your class on a field trip to see a performance of HTY’s “A Plantation Celebration”.  A Plantation Celebration is a collection of original scenes, stories and classic songs about life on a historic Hawaiian plantation.  Although it was tough at times, plantation life instilled in our kupuna many of the ethics, values and traditions that make Hawaii the very special place it is today.  A Plantation Celebration showcases many of Hawaii’s time-honored customs for today’s younger generation.

Key themes throughout A Plantation Celebration are reducing and reusing materials found around the plantation and at workers’ homes.  Repurposing leftover materials into something useful was a common practice in plantation times when money was often tight.  Because families had so little to begin with, materials were rarely thrown away without being reused at least once or twice.

Everyone attending the performances will receive a fun activity flier that includes two reuse craft ideas to turn waste materials into useful items.

Contact HTY School Reservations Manager, Stu Hirayama, at 839-9885 x 701 or  More information at

Sort It Out February 2017

PrintBook the FREE “Sort It Out” traveling recycling performance workshop for your school.  This 60-minute fun-filled and highly interactive show includes songs, games and skits to educate students on the “how to’s” and importance of correctly sorting their trash and recyclables in our island community.  Everything that is thrown away on Oahu goes on to live another “life”; recyclables and green waste are made into new products and trash is burned to generate electricity.  Nothing is wasted.  Participating schools will receive recycling educational materials to use in the classroom.  Please reserve early because shows are limited!

Contact HTY School Reservations Manager, Stu Hirayama, at 839-9885 x 701 or  More information at


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