Posted by: opala808 | September 14, 2016

Nothing Wasted, Nothing to Landfill.

2015 Waste Data Sorts It Out for Recycling and Energy

Analysis of Oahu’s 2015 waste processing data has been completed, including all waste recycled, incinerated and landfilled. In 2015 the City and County of Honolulu (City) successfully diverted more than 78% of its Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) from the landfill through recycling and waste-to-energy, a stat that puts it among the nation’s leading municipalities in landfill diversion.   When waste from construction and demolition (C&D) projects is included in this calculation, the landfill diversion rate is about 75%.

Almost 37% of MSW was diverted from the landfill through recycling and nearly 42% was diverted through waste-to-energy.  Of the remaining 22% of material that was disposed of at the landfill, about 5% was MSW, with the other 17% consisting of ash and noncombustible residue from H-POWER waste-to-energy.

stored plastics

Through increases in recycling and waste-to-energy, the City anticipates further reductions in the amount of material going to the landfill in the coming years.  A new sewage sludge receiving station at H-POWER began operation in May, 2015 that diverts an additional 20,000 tons of sludge and 20,000 tons of bulky items from the landfill annually.  All medical waste, except for the sharps, is now processed at H-POWER.  The City is also working to redirect other wastes from the landfill to H-POWER, including Auto Shredder Residue (ASR) (about 25,000 tons) and other special wastes.  Within five years, the City hopes to have plans for reutilizing H-POWER ash as well.

Read more about Honolulu’s recycling and waste-to-energy data on the Recycling and Landfill Diversion and Future Plans pages on




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