Posted by: opala808 | March 31, 2011

What’s New on The Green Channel

Just up in March, “Drycleaner Recycling – Young Laundry & Drycleaning goes green while getting your laundry clean.” From wire hanger recycling to biofuels, Young Laundry’s General Manager, Michael Drace, tells the story of his 20-year commitment to doing it a better way. 

Upcoming episodes:

  • (April) SECRETS OF RECYCLING Chapter 4: “Dead Leaves Don’t Wear Plastic.”
  • (May) Lex Brodie’s – recycles tires and more.
  • (June) Costco – helping its customers Sort It Out
  • (July) “Where Do Things Go” – Honolulu Theatre for Youth live performance at the Tenney.
  • (August) “Sort It Out” – Live performers tour schools on Oahu.

Watch new episodes of Opalavision monthly at and on The Green Channel, Oceanic Time Warner Cable’s interactive, digital Channel 332.

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