Posted by: opala808 | November 18, 2010

Is There Office Paper in Your Dumpster?

Now would be a good time to check with your building manager and to take a look in your own waste basket under the desk. Paper recycling is mandatory for all commercial office buildings with 20,000 square feet or more of office space. More than 150 office buildings on Oahu are mandated by law to provide for the separate collection and recycling of office paper, newspaper and corrugated cardboard, and to make sure none is disposed mixed with trash in the dumpster.

The City mails out compliance forms annually, and follows up with onsite inspections. Office paper recycling compliance forms were sent to Oahu commercial office buildings in August 2010. Inspections for compliance by City & County of Honolulu, Recycling Specialists will begin this month in the regulated office buildings.

Knowledgeable inspectors will address your questions and concerns and offer guidance and professional help during the “hands on” inspection. Tips will be offered on reinvigorating, re-establishing or perhaps establishing your commercial recycling program.

For information regarding commercial paper recycling, go to, Business Recycling. Watch “Office Recycling” on The GREEN CHANNEL, profiling the City government program. Use your mouse to click and select the story.

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