Posted by: opala808 | April 24, 2010

City Expands Recycling at Facilities and Parks

Have you noticed more and more recycling receptacles around town for your empty drink containers? Not only is it adding convenience at parks and City facilities, it’s a reminder to all of the importance of recycling in our everyday lives to reduce waste to the landfill. Public recycling containers can be found at many City sites across the island — different designs for different locations.

Municipal golf courses now have recycling containers paired with trash containers around the clubhouse. The Blaisdell Center and Waikiki Shell have added recycling containers onsite and have additional containers for use during events. The colorful recycling receptacle known as the “canable” can be found on Fort Street Mall, at Kapolei Hale, Fasi Municipal Building, Honolulu Hale and the Board of Water Supply.

The Honolulu Zoo has chosen a wheeled cart (identical to those used in the residential curbside recycling program) for its HI-5 recycling program. In Waikiki, 25 sets of recycling/trash containers were installed along Kalakaua and Kuhio Avenues. The City’s Department of Facility Maintenance, in a partnership with the Waikiki Business Improvement District Association, maintains the street-side containers. Finally, many City & County parks now provide recycling containers and more will be added to additional park locations as the public recycling program continues to grow.

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