Posted by: opala808 | April 23, 2010

You Wouldn’t Believe Some of the Stuff We Found!

During the month of February, City Recycling Specialists monitored the contents of the curbside recycling loads at both processing facilities, Hawaiian Earth Products for green waste, and RRR for mixed recyclables. Our goals were to see how Oahu communities were adjusting to the recycling program, to monitor the quality of the materials, and to further educate participating neighborhoods and households as needed. Staff estimated and recorded the volume of “contamination” (such as household trash and unacceptable items in the collection trucks’ loads). City collection drivers were a big help in providing the addresses of homes that had household rubbish in their blue or green carts. Contamination is a problem because it reduces the quality and value of the materials and increases the handling costs.

Overall, we were pleased with the outcome. Most communities are doing very well. We have some communities that need a little attention which we are addressing with letters, education, and further monitoring. As of May 2010, every single-family household with automated collection will be participating in the three-cart program. That adds up to approximately 160,000 homes that are helping to reduce waste to the landfill and turn their refuse into a resource.

Anyone missing a big blue dog? Just to be clear, it’s not a compostable item. For the list of what should go into blue and green carts, click into our website at

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