Posted by: opala808 | February 19, 2010

Up Next on The Green Channel

Our film crew and cast head back into the field to get the scoops on our next Opalavision stories. (photo left) Tamara checks out the mixed recyclables sort line operations.

Coming In February,
“What’s the Big Deal?”
Jonah proves that he’s a big thinker, at least when it comes to opala. Learn how and, just as important, when to properly dispose of bulky items on Oahu.

And for March and April,
“Baby, Baby, Where Does Our Stuff Go?”
Trash Investigative Reporter Tamara follows the recycling truck to the “MRF” and discovers what happens to the recyclables in our blue carts.

“It’s So Easy Being Green . . . With Green Waste”
Ari and Brandi show how green waste becomes an asset for our island, and how your efforts can help.

Watch new episodes of Opalavision monthly at and on The Green Channel, Oceanic Time Warner Cable’s interactive, digital Channel 332.


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