Posted by: opala808 | December 11, 2009

Mataio’s Garbage Truck Halloween Costume

Like many kids his age, Mataio of Aliamanu was fascinated with the Refuse Division’s bright yellow opala trucks. Maybe it’s their bold color, their authoritative rumble, or their daily display of sheer garbage-crushing power. Whatever the attraction, few take it to the level that Matiao and his mom, Genny, display in the design and construction of the three year-old’s awesome Halloween (or dare we say it, “Opala-ween”) costume.

According to Genny, the costume was a big hit: “Everyone thought it was very cool… and recognized right away that it was our local City and County of Honolulu garbage truck. He wore his costume to school and trick-or-treated at a nearby office building. Every time he backed up into the elevator, people around him would go, ‘Beep!…Beep!…Beep!’ My husband and I really enjoyed making this costume, especially trying to make it look just like the truck he watches every chance he gets.”

For parents interested in making a similar costume, Genny shares the link for online instructions.


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