Posted by: opala808 | October 16, 2009

Gyotaku Leads the Way in Local Business Recycling

At Gyotaku Japanese restaurant, sweet potato haupia pie is not the only item in high demand. In fact, some of their waste materials can be valuable as well. Tom Jones, the general manager of Gyotaku, has incorporated  recycling at all of its locations. Glass bottles and corrugated cardboard are recycled. Food waste is collected and used locally as farm feed, while waste cooking oil is converted into biodiesel at a local plant. All of these measures help to lower disposal costs and divert tons of materials away from the landfill. “First and foremost, recycling saves money,” says Tom. As an industry leader with years of recycling experience, Tom offers assistance to other businesses wishing to begin their own recycling programs. “If you’re not recycling, you need to be,” insists Tom. For more information on business recycling, click here.

Gyotaku is also a destination for the City’s award-winning Tour de Trash series which highlights local waste processors that lead the island in landfill diversion. During a tour, attendees get a behind-the-scenes look at Gyotaku’s successful recycling operation.  When asked why he feels so strongly about recycling, Tom replies “It’s the right thing to do!”


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